Spiritual Travel

Life is made of travels, but not all travels are the same. Some travels take us to far remote places and connect us to ancient civilisations that once ruled the earth. Across all continents, sites of special energy are gaining attention and attract spiritual pilgrims. The energy of the land is what makes them special. By going to those sites in our current physical body, we can retrieve and gather soul fragments.

That is because, once upon a time, we lived there in other incarnations. And maybe we had unfinished business, maybe we were doing something that is useful to us today, but we will feel guided to go there—again. You will know in your heart, because some places seem strangely familiar whereas in this current life you’ve just been there once. You could even feel more ‘at home’ there than where you were born in this lifetime. Sometimes just being there triggers powerful emotions and brings healing. Those are the kind of places that kept you dreaming since you heard about them as a child, and you’ve waited for a lifetime to go there. All those signs mean one thing: you’ve got to travel there! And bath in the energy of that land and connect with the local population. In doing so, you will receive an energy activation.

The following articles talk about travels I’ve made to spiritual sites, and it is my hope that they inspire you to take some of the journeys yourself.

The dark side of Glastonbury

Country: United Kingdom
30 April 2023 — There's more than meets the eyes... did you really think a place could be all light without any darkness?

Rila National Park and the seven lakes

Country: Bulgaria
22 March 2023 — On the trail of the White Brotherhood, the Balkans are full of a strange spiritual energy

The mysteries of Peru and the 'Fingerprints of the Gods'

Country: Peru
14 January 2023 — Graham Hancock made shocking claims in his 1995 book 'Fingerprints of the Gods' and as I am about to travel there, I'm sharing some of his insights as an introduction for future travelers to Peru.

Lake Titicaca

Country: Bolivia
26 January 2023 — Learn about the Island of the Sun, the Island of the Moon and the local creation myths of the Andes.


Country: Bolivia
28 January 2023 — Learn about this key archeological site that is not mainstream but raises interesting questions.

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