The Great Fall and Higher Consciousness

Somerset, 18 February 2023—


❝ Much that once was is lost,
for none now live who remember it. ❞

That quote above may be from The Lord of the Rings, but it’s also valid in the real world. A misconception of modern man is to believe that progress is linear and always upwards. We believe we are the finest humanity has ever produced, and that with time we grow forever better than our ancestors. We’re told we descend from apes and have evolved to dominate this planet. We aspire to what the future can give us and how we can improve ourselves even more, looking down at our past. But what if we got it wrong?

There was a time when consciousness was much more advanced on this planet. There was a time when civilisation was harmonious, honouring the whole and the parts. There was a time when we were capable of anything as a collective. But somewhere, somehow, we’ve departed that golden age and forgot. That is the great fall. That story has fed myths such as Atlantis and the reason they fascinate us is because we know deep inside that they say something true. Because they remind us of who we were. And when the rational mind can’t accept something, myths are there to make us dream and trigger our imagination.

So, who were we? I think we were a collective consciousness that was deeply attuned to the earth and nature, and aware of every individual in our race. We were specialised but each one of us had its place in the whole, and each was treated as equally important. It’s quite impossible for people today to picture out what a society like that could have looked like. And probably that such beings were straddling several dimensions of consciousness, and not only gross matter like today. Some beings in that civilisation were immensely powerful. I think of them as creator gods. Beings so attuned to the whole, so wise and knowledgeable that they could manifest their thoughts as matter instantly and with no effort. Enormous powers that were yielded for the collective good and according to natural laws. But that only lasted a time, because somehow a disease spread that changed everything. The ‘disease’ was of the mind alone. It corrupted the judgement of some rulers and divided the civilisation, breaking the unity consciousness that was its cornerstone. Was it greed, desire for more power, foolishness or curiosity that fed the transformation the most? I do not know. I do not remember. What I remember however was that we paid a dear price for buying into false beliefs, lies and manipulation. The amount of suffering and sadness that resulted from that is beyond words. The redemption was to be long and painful.

And so, eventually, the great civilisation that ruled the earth in times immemorial collapsed. Because everything is linked, the earth itself fell with it. We were downgraded to a lower vibrational state and trapped in gross matter. What once was a thought away became the work of lifetimes of hardship. But, more than anything else: we forgot. We took our bodies, physical carriers of a soul essence, for the totality of who we were. And we rebooted humanity, condemning ourselves to climb the ladder of evolution once more. And that is how being who were once gods started to live like animals, unaware of their true self, their true power. And for those of us who reincarnated on earth later, the most difficult was to have to witness the ignorance and stupidity of men for thousands of years. What a waste of potential, what a setback.

Fast forward to today: have you ever wondered how our fathers and their fathers could have accepted such a dysfunctional society and the way to relate to each other? Have you ever wished that things worked differently? As a child, could you feel that something was awfully wrong with this place called earth? Well, you remember too then! Vaguely maybe, but you know something is terribly wrong here. The way we oppose people and turn them against each other. The way we structured society with the use of money and domination of the many by the few. The way our individual freedom is surrendered to institutions. The way we are disconnected from each other and nature and how we destroy our natural habitat. The way we worship technology and forget that the life-force that animates the cosmos resides in each and every one of us. The way we obey absurd rules regulations and laws that enforce an unethical unnatural and unfair system. The list could go on.

At the root of it, it’s ignorance that led us to make the wrong choices. How come there was a man who said first “that piece of land is mine and you can’t have it” and all others followed? How come we came to worship money as the ultimate source of happiness, when the intrinsic value of a note is only how much trust you have in the bank that printed it? How come we’ve become so obsessed with our physical body that we forgot entire realms of existence that we enter each night in dreams? We’ve lost common sense, we’ve been hypnotised by the matrix in front of our eyes, we’ve been manipulated and coerced into a pyramidal system of control. So much for the gift of free will.

Many believe we live in a time of ascension, that is: a time when the human collective will emerge and we will finally remember what we once were. I believe there will be a day when we wake up and remember we are all one, one collective consciousness that chose to experience itself as separate parts for the sheer enjoyment of it. A single being, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent that played hide and seek with itself in an effort to know itself better. In the moment of revelation, all negativity will fade, leaving space for joy contentment and bliss. The bliss of self-realisation, the understanding that there’s nowhere to go because the one is all there is, ever was and will be. We’ve returned to where we started: the circle is complete. Do you remember now?


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