So what actually is 5D? (and higher dimensions)

Somerset, 28 June 2022—


The light spectrum, also seen in a rainbow

You may have heard that “the Earth is ascending to 5D”, that “5D is our next stage of evolution” or that “some advanced people are living in 5D already”, but what exactly does that all mean? In this article I offer to demystify those concepts.

First of all, dimensions you will hear about in spiritual circles have nothing to do with dimensions in science! In physics, our material world has got 3 dimensions: length, width, height that give a system of coordinates you can use as a reference to locate any object in the universe. Think the typical Cartesian coordinate system. On top of those 3 dimensions of space, we add one dimension of time. So we end up with 4 dimensions. That’s the world of Einstein and relativity equations for example. But nothing stops mathematicians from computing equations in systems of 5, 6, 10 or 20 dimensions. These are abstract dimensions and can be useful to solve particular problems. Besides, even in physics the string theory for example considers that our universe operates with 10 dimensions and that therefore 6 dimensions are invisible to us on top of the 4 that I already mentioned. So if you think dimensions in terms of science: there’s 1D (a dot), 2D (a circle), 3D (a sphere) and 4D (the world in which we live with 3D + time). Understood? Fabulous, because now you can throw all of that to the bin when you enter the spiritual conversations…

For the spiritual folks, and I haven’t really figured out yet who and when it started, the world in which we live is 3D. The Earth is 3D, or at least was, because apparently it’s risen already to 4D or 5D… Hard to follow? You’re not the only one! In essence, spiritual dimensions you will hear about are not physical dimensions like in science but dimensions of consciousness. It’s only the mind that can experience them, no physical instrument can measure them—yet. The idea is that there are higher planes, higher densities, higher dimensions, higher realms (all four italic words are synonyms) accessible to humans that exist above our physical 3D world. But the 4D of spiritualists is not the 4D of physicists with time! It’s simply a higher dimension of consciousness than the one we’ve experienced during the last 2,000 years on Earth. But things are changing and we are promised an ascension and liberation from the forces of evil etc. If that sounds a bit dramatic, that’s because it is! Just like the people under the oppression of the horrible galactic empire, we are about to liberate ourselves and blow the Death Star. The journey of liberation of the human race essentially. Except that the galactic empire is not in real life what you think it is—but that’s another story.

I’ve come across many different systems, not necessarily consistent with each other, that have their own idea of how many dimensions there are in total. Some say that there are 7 dimensions, others 8, 9, 12, 20 or even more… What’s to take away is that there is a spectrum of dimensions, just like for light (see image above) we evolve from the red on the left (lower frequency) to the blue then violet on the right (higher frequency) and that is what you see in a rainbow.

Dimensions are the same: there are lower dimensions (we are there), there are higher dimensions (the 5D, 7D, 9D, 12D etc.). Are they any dimensions lower than us? Probably, although it’s rarely mentioned because people like to look above not below. The higher dimensions correspond to an expanded state of consciousness compared to what we know on Earth. When we get there—oh and there’s nowhere to go physically because remember they are dimensions of the mind and therefore can only be accessed with the mind—we have a higher vision of the universe. Just like an ant on the ground floor cannot appreciate landscape like a human at 5 foot something above the ground can.

You may wonder where’s 4D gone with spiritualists and why 5D seems to be the place to be? Well, I am not sure! I gathered that apparently 4D was a springboard to 5D and that for the most part the Earth is already in 5D since 2012 or so, with people catching up and aligning with the 5D vibration at an increasing rate.

So if your brain is not fried with all those numbers yet, congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of this article! If I summarise:

  • Spiritual people refer to dimensions that have nothing to do with the ones in science (physics, maths etc.)
  • Those dimensions can only be accessed through the mind and not the body
  • 5D and above are higher dimensions than us, they correspond to a more evolved consciousness
  • There is a common belief that humanity is ascending to 5D or at least a higher vibration than it is at now

So don’t worry too much about all those numbers, what matters is to EVOLVE!


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