Spirituality is something hard to define yet omnipresent in human history. Its most visible manifestation is religion. Yet spirituality is not religion; spirituality is actually the foundation of all religions. It is a state of mind. It is the deep longing within each human being to find a greater truth beyond his own existence, something that transcends space & time. The one who is spiritual is concerned with the human spirit or soul and no longer stays confined to the realm of material things.

Every human being is spiritual by nature; yet this fact has been forgotten over the millenia. In this 21st century, humanity has embarked on a journey to reconnect with its true spiritual heritage and frees itself from the dogmas of science and religion. A fascinating story is just unfolding in front of our eyes!

The deluge and the lost continent of Mu

We have forgotten important things about our past. Lost continents, lost civilisations, lost power... what else have we forgotten?

The Great Fall and Higher Consciousness

There's so much more to history that what they say at school. We were once very advanced, but we've regressed. Time to remember the truth.

Feeling your emotions

Emotional fluidity, emotional healing, emotional surrender... In this article, you will journey through the world of emotions.

So what actually is 5D? (and higher dimensions)

The 3D, 4D, 5D, 9D etc. what are they exactly? Can you go there? Does it matter to me?

Astrology: the ten planets and what they represent

Find out more about the ten planets in astrology and what they can tell you about your or other people's personality.

How you think creates your entire life experience

Let's talk about words, symbols, thinking, mental processes and happiness.

The importance of disseminating spiritual teachings

Today more than ever, sharing spiritual knowledge will contribute to the betterment of humanity.

Transcending duality & time

Let's talk about the ego, duality and time. You may be surprised to realise that some things are different than you've always thought they were.

Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Are you wondering if you could be showing symptoms of spiritual awakening? Read on!

What you don't know is what keeps you limited

What if your entire understanding of life was based only on what you know? And what if there were many things, yet for you to discover, that could radically change the way you perceive the world you live in?

The power of Dreams, Lucid Dreaming & Consciousness Exploration

Dream work provides a fantastic way to explore human consciousness and its mysteries. Lucid dreaming is a very powerful type of dream that can be triggered with some training.

Stop trying so hard to make things happen

Often trying too hard does us no good and it's better to examine closely where the blockage can be.

The Importance of Speaking your Truth

Have you ever felt sick after an event where you did not manage to express yourself and your emotions adequately? That sort of situation is more common than you think and you just need to understand why it happened to get it right next time!

Are you really sure that 'You Only Live Once'?

Have you ever used YOLO as a justification of living a better life? Do you really believe in what it means? Have you ever wondered if reincarnation was a valid theory?

Understanding the ego from a spiritual perspective

What is the ego? What are its mechanisms? And why do we need to understand that in the pursuit of happiness?

My favourite 'spiritual' movies

Sometimes we can have fun watching a movie, while learning things and getting in touch with spiritual content! I will share with you my favourite 'spiritual' movies.

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