Personal Development

The following articles talk about ways to improve your skills and/or learning new ones, and more generally how to develop your talents & potential. The goal here is to enhance your quality of lifeβ€”and I like to believe too, make you a happier person.

Personal development is vast body of knowledge and I cannot cover all its aspects! So I’ll cover what I feel are the essentials. For example, I am particularly interested in a sub-set of personal development called productivity. In this day and age of information technology, many people do not fully leverage some basic automations that could save them hundreds of hours over the years. I consider topics such as time management and task management to be essential to master, and that should be taught to all kids at school.

Climbing Maslow's pyramid of needs

London, 7 August 2021β€” Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a simple yet powerful tool to understand one's journey throughout the needs of human life.

Beware of crypto-currencies and other 'revolutionary' ideas

London, 30 May 2021β€” Heard about bitcoin? Tempted to invest some of your money in it? You'd better read this then.

Going on a Technology Detox

London, 29 January 2021β€” The use of modern technology such as smartphones has become the norm yet they have the potential of becoming extremely addictive. Are you aware of your daily screen time? Could you live a single day without your smartphone?

Task & Time Management

London, 27 January 2021β€” Personal productivity is linked to 2 essential disciplines: task management and time management. Discover their core principles and best practices. Learn how to really focus on what you do. Make a real impact on the way you use your time.

The deception of the financial system

London, 23 January 2021β€” What is money: an abstract concept or a tangible reality? What if the system we take for granted was in fact an organised giant fraud? Just like Science, Finance has to make some base assumptions in order to build its discipline. And just like Science, it has made some incorrect assumptions. Except that unlike Science, this has consequences on the life of everyone.

The power of making decisions

London, 10 January 2021β€” We do it everyday: we choose certain things over others. Our life could be described as the succession of decisions we've ever made. Yet few people take the time to really reflect about the process of decision making. Is that not worth some investigation?

The age of Cognitive Dissonance & Conspiracy Theories

London, 7 January 2021β€” Have you ever wondered why so many people are inclined to dismiss some apparently whimsical beliefs as 'conspiracy theories'? Are you really sure that ALL what you believe in, even some of the most fundamental aspects of your understanding of this world, is true?

What are you waiting for to do the things you LOVE in life?

London, 15 December 2020β€” As absurd as it seems, some people 'resist' doing things that would make them feel goodβ€”or at least what they assume would. Read on to find out why.

Be careful what you wish for!

London, 27 November 2020β€” We've all been there... Sometimes we want something but soon realise that it doesn't serve us. So what can we learn from these experiences?

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