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Dealing with guilt (and shame) 2022-11-11 Wellbeing
The myth of perfect choices, intuition and self-confidence 2022-10-20 Personal Development
Be mindful how you start your day 2022-09-13 Wellbeing
Happiness, desire and focusing on the positive 2022-08-22 Personal Development
No matter where you go, fear will find you 2022-08-20 Personal Development
Skin problems and acne: the root of the problem 2022-07-03 Wellbeing
Living with no regrets 2022-06-29 Personal Development
Conflict resolution & emotional intelligence 2022-06-29 Personal Development
So what actually is 5D? (and higher dimensions) 2022-06-28 Spirituality
Dealing with depression & a primer on emotional management 2022-01-30 Wellbeing
Closing 2021 & the 2nd anniversary of Covid emergence 2021-12-31 Coronavirus Crisis & Global Awakening
Astrology: the ten planets and what they represent 2021-12-28 Spirituality
The importance of journaling to know yourself 2021-11-30 Personal Development
How you think creates your entire life experience 2021-11-25 Spirituality
Is life healthier outside of cities? 2021-10-31 Wellbeing
The importance of disseminating spiritual teachings 2021-09-27 Spirituality
Transcending duality & time 2021-08-15 Spirituality
Summer 2021 checkpoint on Covid-19 and the world situation 2021-08-12 Coronavirus Crisis & Global Awakening
Climbing Maslow's pyramid of needs 2021-08-07 Personal Development
Beware of crypto-currencies and other 'revolutionary' ideas 2021-05-30 Personal Development
Going on a Technology Detox 2021-01-29 Personal Development
Task & Time Management 2021-01-27 Personal Development
The coming changes & disclosures of the 2020s 2021-01-26 Coronavirus Crisis & Global Awakening
Finding the diet that works for you 2021-01-25 Wellbeing
Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening 2021-01-24 Spirituality
What you don't know is what keeps you limited 2021-01-24 Spirituality
The 'legal' drugs of our modern age 2021-01-23 Wellbeing
The deception of the financial system 2021-01-23 Personal Development
The power of Dreams, Lucid Dreaming & Consciousness Exploration 2021-01-20 Spirituality
Stop trying so hard to make things happen 2021-01-19 Spirituality
The Importance of Speaking your Truth 2021-01-18 Spirituality
Are you really sure that 'You Only Live Once'? 2021-01-15 Spirituality
The power of making decisions 2021-01-10 Personal Development
The age of Cognitive Dissonance & Conspiracy Theories 2021-01-07 Personal Development
Time for the RED PILL 2020-12-22 Coronavirus Crisis & Global Awakening
What are you waiting for to do the things you LOVE in life? 2020-12-15 Personal Development
Be careful what you wish for! 2020-11-27 Personal Development
VIDEO: The power of Intermittent Fasting 2020-09-18 Wellbeing
VIDEO: Understanding why sugar is a poison 2020-09-01 Wellbeing
Protest against Covid-19 government measures in London on 29th August 2020 2020-08-30 Coronavirus Crisis & Global Awakening
Understanding the ego from a spiritual perspective 2020-08-28 Spirituality
VIDEO: My personal health transformation over the years 2020-08-02 Wellbeing
VIDEO: July 2020 Covid Update 2020-07-17 Coronavirus Crisis & Global Awakening
My favourite 'spiritual' movies 2020-07-14 Spirituality
Coronavirus: Awakening to the truth 2020-07-03 Coronavirus Crisis & Global Awakening
Understanding why you need to invest in your health education 2020-06-24 Wellbeing
The common misconceptions about life expectancy & why you should approach statistics with caution 2020-06-24 Wellbeing
Coronavirus crisis: what it means for you 2020-04-17 Coronavirus Crisis & Global Awakening
VIDEO on Coronavirus (part 2 of 2): We need to wake up collectively... NOW! 2020-04-16 Coronavirus Crisis & Global Awakening
VIDEO on Coronavirus (part 1 of 2): A bit of critical thinking about this Coronavirus Crisis 2020-04-15 Coronavirus Crisis & Global Awakening
Coronavirus: facts & reflection 2020-03-31 Coronavirus Crisis & Global Awakening

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