VIDEO: Understanding why sugar is a poison

London, 1 September 2020—

In this 8min video I cover the following:

  • sugar is virtually everywhere in the food you buy! Start paying attention to the food labels.
  • ingredients are listed by amount in decreasing order. When sugar is close to the beginning, beware!
  • sugar creates inflammation and weakens our immune system: in other words we will get sick more often by eating lots.
  • the situation today where the food industry sells food with high amount of sugar is criminal.
  • the body builds up a tolerance for sugar but only for so long… one day it collapses. This then leads to diabetes and all sorts of conditions.
  • Tip: develop a relationship with your body to feel when you had enough sugar
  • there is a huge need for education about sugar intake
  • sugar is addictive and creates cravings
  • sugar is empty calories with no nutritional value. You just don’t need it to function.


Intro music: Underglow -


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