VIDEO: The power of Intermittent Fasting

London, 18 September 2020—

In this 8min video I cover the following:

  • we eat too often (and too much)
  • our digestive system needs a break to activate the built-in healing mechanisms of the body
  • fasting—not surprisingly—is part of many religious traditions. When people stopped being religious they also dropped that very useful practice.
  • fasting is nothing as dangerous as some say (although you should seek medical advice if you have any particular condition)
  • fasting is easy, efficient and cheap. You don’t need any pill to do it. The only thing you need is willpower and that is something most people lack nowadays therefore fasting does cost something indeed, but not money. Many people would rather buy a ‘magic pill’ than making some personal efforts.
  • we lost the ability to feel when we are hungry. Fasting allows a natural reset of the body and is healing by itself. By fasting you will realise that often when you eat you are not hungry. Your body can tell you what you need. Eating every couple of hours every day without ever any break has disconnected us from the intelligence of our body. But you can always reclaim it.
  • give yourself permission and try fasting for yourself, just a day at least. You will be surprised by the benefits and you will learn to know yourself better.


Intro music: Underglow -


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