The following articles talk about health. They will show you how, by learning how to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you can transform your life and pave the way to a deeper awakening of your being.

Your health is a very precious asset. Some say health is superior to money because even money cannot bring you good health. Therefore your health is something you should cherish, and this extends naturally to your body & mind which are integral components of the good health everyone desires.

Once you are healthy—and only then—can you access higher levels of understanding about the spiritual nature of your being.

Is life healthier outside of cities?

Yorkshire Dales National Park, 31 October 2021— The age of cities is coming to an end. Urban lifestyles are no longer justified for many of us and there are new ways of living. Ask yourself if your current location brings you the lifestyle you truly desire.

Finding the diet that works for you

London, 25 January 2021— A healthy diet is the foundation of a healthy body. Learn some basics about what it can mean for you.

The 'legal' drugs of our modern age

London, 23 January 2021— Coffee, cigarettes and alcohol are over-the-counter poisons consumed by the millions. And there are also antidepressants prescribed to many people. Why do we still tolerate that situation?

VIDEO: The power of Intermittent Fasting

London, 18 September 2020— Eating every day, three times (at least) a day is the routine for most people in the West. The ancestral practice of fasting has been forgotten or ridiculed by many. But isn't it our ego that is terrified by what happens when we give our digestive track a well-deserved break? Watch the video to find out.

VIDEO: Understanding why sugar is a poison

London, 1 September 2020— Eating sugar is bad for your health. Worse, it's literally a poison for your immune and nervous system. It creates inflammation and will weaken your body severely.

VIDEO: My personal health transformation over the years

London, 2 August 2020— I will share with you the key steps on my health journey over the years. You may be surprised to learn about some major health issues I managed to overcome.

Understanding why you need to invest in your health education

London, 24 June 2020— Let's discuss the practice of modern medicine and how we got used to consult a doctor rather systematically when we are sick. I'll explain you why taking responsibility for your health is essential in this day and age. And the good news is: everyone can learn to be healthy!

The common misconceptions about life expectancy & why you should approach statistics with caution

London, 24 June 2020— Have you ever heard about LIFE EXPECTANCY? Chances are you did and just like me you may have thought that it was a valuable information to understand until which age you may live. But it turns out that the reality is quite different. Sometimes statistics are almost pointless unless you really understand what they mean.

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