Meditation, Crystals & Sound (Workshop)


This workshop will cover the practice of meditation and use various crystals & tuning forks for the stimulation of the energy centres.


Meditation is recognised as a key spiritual practice, and with good reasons. But often this word is intimidating and people are put off by the common misconceptions about it . For example, meditation is not about stopping you from having any thoughts (which is notably impossible). The idea behind meditation is simple yet implementing it can be difficult, especially for the intellectual types of people. Discover in this workshop the simple steps to a successful meditation.


There are tools that can act as enhancers when you want to meditate. Crystals is one of them. By holding a piece of crystal during your meditation, you can amplify the session. But crystals can also be used at any time: they are beautiful gifts from the earth and can help you attune with specific energies. A selection of crystals will be presented to you so you familiarise yourself with them and see which types you like e.g. : raw, polished, with specific colours.


We will also use a copper pyramid which can modify the energy field around your body. Copper is a conductor and therefore interacts with magnetic fields produced by your body—especially the brain and heart. This is a very special experience for some people, and again in this practical workshop you can try it yourself.


Finally, sound is a powerful activator for states of meditation and you will get a practical experience of what frequencies can do to your energy field. For example, have you heard about 528 Hz as being the miracle tone? You will experience the vibration of a 528 Hz tuning fork and its benefits. Why tuning forks? Because—as musicians know—they give a perfect pitch and therefore stimulate specific aspects of your energy body.



  • Meditation: principles and advice for practicing yourself after the workshop
  • Crystals: how they can amplify the meditation and their properties
  • Tuning forks: how their unique vibration can activate your energy centres

This workshop will introduce some key concepts but will leave plenty of room for practice. A hand-out will be given during the session so you can keep the important information with you.

⏰ DURATION: 2 hours

💡PRE-REQUISITE: none, this workshop can be attended by beginners


  • You have an interest in spirituality in general
  • You are interested in the topics of meditation, crystals and sound healing
  • You want to experience sitting under a copper pyramid
  • You want to hold different crystals without the need to own any
  • You are interested in sound healing and specific frequencies: 174 Hz, 285 Hz, 396 Hz, 528 Hz, 432 Hz and many more from the solfeggio scale and the chakra tuner series.

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