A journey through the chakras (Workshop)


This workshop will cover the energy body we all have, especially the 7 energy centres (or ‘chakras’). We will use the smell of essential oils & the sound of tuning forks for the exploration of the energy centres.


  • Discover your energy body & seven energy centres
  • Awaken your chakras with essential oils (sense of smell)
  • Get activated with the vibration of tuning forks (sense of hearing)


The energy centres or ‘chakras’ are one of the fundamental aspects of your energy body. Knowing about the chakras will help you navigate your spiritual development.


There are tools we can use to help awakening and perceiving our chakras. In this workshop, we will use all our physical senses especially one that is rarely used yet very potent: the sense of smell. Through the use of essential oils we can stimulate our energy centres and gain more awareness about them.


We will also use sound and the power of tuning forks which vibrate at a specific frequency (unlike traditional instruments which are poly-frequency). You will get a practical experience of how certain frequencies can stimulate specific aspects of your energy body.



  • Meditation
  • Energy body and the concept of aura
  • Theory about the seven chakras and what they relate to in your being. Each chakra represents an aspect of who we are.
  • How the 5 senses are connected to specific chakras
  • Essential oils: how some plants and their alchemical essence are connected to certain chakras
  • Experimentation with tuning forks: how their unique vibration can activate your energy centres

This workshop will introduce some key concepts but will leave plenty of room for practice. A hand-out will be given during the session so you can keep the important information with you. You will also be invited to a closed Facebook group giving you—if you wish—the chance to ask questions after the session and talk with other attendees.

⏰ DURATION: 2 hours

💡PRE-REQUISITE: none, this workshop can be attended by beginners


  • You have an interest in spirituality in general
  • You want to be in a physical space with other people and have a hands-on experience
  • You are interested in the topics of: the invisible bodies, energy body, chakras/energy centres, aromatherapy and sound healing
  • You want to learn how each chakra is connected to your being so that you can heal and focus particularly on a chakra that you know (or have been told) may be unbalanced

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