Time for the RED PILL

London, 22 December 2020—


This article was updated in January 2022 and amendments are made in red below.

Oh, the power of time… We are almost in 2021. The world in which we lived at the end of 2019 is long gone but most people still believe they live in it. What’s become blatantly obvious to me this year is that most people live in the Matrix: they believe what is told to them in the media (which most often is distorted, or plain lies). They form an image of the world in which they believe they live and then they just get on with their day. Well, they’re in for a shock when finally the truth will emerge about so many topics. And Coronavirus is just the tip of the iceberg.

Indeed, Coronavirus exposed the deception built into the entire system, at a time when people were consuming news from the media at high frequency and with deep concerns. The Coronavirus crisis blew so much out of proportion, that alternative media has developed and revealed another truth to the public. That other truth had always been what something available for the seekers. But now, the seekers were by the millions. What they found shocked them. But if they pushed further their investigations, they’d realise that countless conspiracy theories were also true. That is what 2020 was about: precipitating the collapse of the trust the masses have in the system. And I am convinced that the most serious epidemic we’ll have to face fairly soon is a mental illness one: an epidemic of cognitive dissonance1.

What I can see clearly now is that the collapse of trust I described above is a double-hedged sword. The high-consumption of alternative media content without being inquisitive or critical can backfire and torment people. Information can be a weapon and discernment must be applied by the ones that consume information.

This article had to be delayed till the time was right. Now is the time I believe, because we’ve reached the tipping point. I believe large disclosures of information are on the verge of happening (but I was wrong). For those who were frowning upon the slightest conspiracy theory, they will have a hard time coping—and I can’t stress that enough: the ones who always refused to believe another version of reality that what was told by official channels of information may well go through an existential crisis. But for those who had kept an open mind, that will be more of a relief. That will be a confirmation. That will be a victory: that of daring to think and believe differently than the masses.

Now is the time… You must choose and cannot ignore any longer what happens in the world. We need to take the red pill. Collectively.

I believe there is still information being voluntarily kept out of the public domain that should be disclosed. And lies and manipulation that need to be admitted. The rest of this article prepares you for that moment—when it finally comes. It's healthy to keep a positive and open mind allowing you to consider new information without dismissing them outright, because there can be a lot of personal growth in that—under the surface of fear. 2021 was not the year of disclosures and we now know that. But that does not mean that the status quo will last forever.

The moment of choice

I had doubts and suspicions from day one (when I heard most Western governments ordering the first lockdown around mid-March 2020). Today I am convinced that behind all of these manoeuvres there is a deliberate will to impose control over populations and step into a form of totalitarian regime at the scale of the planet. There is a dark agenda at play.

In case you’ve never seen the 1999 ‘The Matrix’ movie, this is what Morpheus says to Neo while offering him to take either a blue or red pill:

‘This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill, the story ends; you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.’

Then Neo goes on to take the red pill. But once he sees for himself the truth of his world, he is horrified and in denial.

Neo—‘I don’t believe it. It’s not possible.' 
Morpheus—‘I didn’t say it would be easy, Neo. I just said it would be the truth.’

Now we’re not in a movie, it’s for real. This is the time in your life when you need to make a stand and pick a symbolic pill. Do you want to see the truth; or are you happier to stay in your comfort zone thinking everything is going all right—and everything is as you are told it is?

So what pill do you CHOOSE?

1—You take the blue pill

  • You listen to BBC (or CNN etc.) every day like the gospels and become more and more anxious and fearful about your future
  • You believe what you are told by the governments, local authorities and mainstream media
  • You believe they have your best interest at heart and this nightmare will soon be over if you comply (e.g. wear a face mask, get the vaccine)
  • You believe the lockdown was the ‘only way’ out of this crisis
  • You believe staying home ‘saves lives’
  • You believe you are unable to survive this virus on your own and the government vaccine is your salvation
  • You do whatever you are told to do
  • You are waiting for the ‘Covid numbers’ to go down then everything will be all right

During 2021, in several countries, prominent medical figures broke the silence to expose the inappropriate and misleading management of the covid crisis by governments and the duplicity of top scientists.

2—You take the red pill

  • You are now willing to look beyond appearances and be attentive to all that’s happening around you: what you hear, what you see.
  • You stop listening to the mainstream media (and optionally: cancel your BBC license and/or throw away your TV)
  • You start paying attention to the alternative sources of information: doctors speaking out online about the inappropriate way we handle this crisis; your colleague who’s warned you since March something smelled fishy in all of this; your uncle who works in a hospital and told you they’ve been rather empty during the lockdowns; your next-door neighbour who’s been reading Facebook a lot lately and now thinks we’re doing nonsense; people like me writing online
  • You take a moment for yourself to really THINK about what you’re living through right now
  • You remember reading 1984 by Orwell (or the movie, or any other similar story); you ponder for a while: ‘Well these people clearly were not told they lived in an oppressive regime, they just experienced the effects.’
  • At some point you wonder: ‘Could it be that our governments and media are lying to me?’
  • You start listening to your ‘gut feeling’ about this grotesque situation we live through
  • You dare speaking with your spouse/partner and your friends about it (and you are brave because they may well call you a loonie)
  • At some point you have a spark of lucidity and wonder: ‘Would I have accepted all this bull**** if I had been forced into it overnight, one year ago?’. You realise the only answer is ‘Hell no!’
  • You reflect at the state of living in which you’ve consented for many months now: wearing face masks, keeping a distance from other people like they’re a life hazard on legs, washing your hands with hydro-alcoholic gel (to the point that your skin is likely constantly irritated), stopped seeing the elderly in your family (who already did not see you that often)
  • You go out and see for yourself how this ‘invisible deadly virus’ has a very visible impact on your life: shops are closed, streets quiet or empty
  • You notice that some major brands are now selling fancy face masks with their logo. You now start realising we may be in it for longer than you thought; worse, you realise that there’s been an attempt to normalise this situation
  • You realise many people have lost their jobs and may be on benefits but when it ends they’ll have no income
  • You observe that public money has been miraculously flowing into buying masks, vaccines, tests and this furlough schemes for the millions. You remember your maths class and then you’ve got a worrying moment: ‘But who’s gonna pay for all of that?’ followed by a painful moment: ‘Oh it will have to be the collective. Me, my spouse, my kids, everyone’.
  • You recall how the March lockdown was supposed to be a one-off national effort and that now your Christmas is ruined, and 2021 does not have any reason to be different than 2020 according to all that is said on the media (well it was milder but not much better)
  • You unplug from all of that for a few days, just to refresh your mind; and keep your sanity
  • When you come back to the topic, you realise you can never go back to how you thought about the Covid crisis before… The doubt will never leave you: ‘Can I really trust all I hear?’. Nope, your faith in the system is gone. You will be very unsure about what to do next, but complying blindly will not seem like the right thing to do.

I am warning you: at some point you will feel like Neo in the movie. On your quest of information, you will come across unpleasant—not to stay highly disturbing or even horrible (which you should certainly not take at face value and do your own research)—information but you will at least know more of the truth. You may have phases of denial (normal human response) or cognitive dissonance, but soon enough it is ANGER that will overwhelm you. And it’s good because there is energy in anger, the energy of action. Which is much better than being afraid because then you are powerless and paralysed. Indeed, fear is the desired state in which some want to keep us. But trust me, anger is coming, at a large scale.

All the bullet points above constitute an exercise into developing your awareness and questioning the official narratives. It does NOT mean that EVERYTHING you hear is a lie. But it means that every information requires your best judgement and acute discernment in these times of turmoil.

It’s time to wake up from the collective paralysis!

It’s time for people to re-actualise the vision of the world in which they believe they live, because they live in an illusion. A system put before their eyes which is oppressive, manipulative and using them as battery cells2 (yes, very much like in the Matrix movie).

In the Matrix movie, Morpheus also says:

‘What is “real”? You’ve been living in a dream world, Neo.’

We are all Neo. We feel like we’re free but all we have is the appearance of freedom. Our society is very much rule-oriented. Listen to your teachers, then your boss. Be a good employee, a good tax-payer. Respect the ‘law’. Oh yes you’re free to vote for party A or B (but they are essentially the same). Don’t do this, don’t do that. The financial system has imprisoned million of people who are trapped spending ridiculous amount of time earning money for paying ever-increasing bills among which prohibitive mortgages. Most people are miserably looking for more time to do all the things they want to do. And then there’s this omnipresent internet, the invasion of smartphones in our lives (since over 10 years now) and the devastating effects on the intellect of the average person (not even to mention the kids). We became a society of I-must-know-everything-in-real-time where gullible people consume a high volume of poor quality information (a lot of it being frankly utter rubbish). This is the age of information overload and poor intellectual discernment which provide a very fertile ground for the current crisis. Because this is where it becomes TRAGIC for the human race.

Unfortunately, the age of information has also led astray some of us who precisely thought they were uncovering the truth... They just landed on some nonsensical claims and integrated them as the new truth. Beware of not swapping lies for new lies. Please do your own research and do not take things at face value!

You see, there’s always that next thing to look at, the Facebook wall / Instagram feed to scroll down to see what’s the next cool thing. And that’s so addictive for the brain that most of us can’t resist! Our cognition and intellectual performances are vastly diminished. It’s almost like we are being collectively lobotomised and we don’t even realise it—because we do it to ourselves, everyday. As a result, few of us take a moment to really look at anything beyond the surface anymore. Beyond the official narrative. Because they—wrongly—assume that if they hear it on the BBC ‘it ought to be true’. People have become passive consumers of news provided by a small number of international media conglomerates who filter what they report on. When I was at school in the 90s my teachers taught me some valuable lessons: ‘Never accept things presented to you at face value. Always do some investigation work. Document yourself, use critical thinking and form you own opinions.’ I’ve never forgotten that lesson because I immediately grasped its significance and value.

We know some oppressive regimes have existed before and we like to believe we’ve learnt all the lessons and live in a glorious age. But can we really be so sure? For example with the Nazis and WW2, that was almost one hundred years ago. Most of these people are dead now, and yes they had learnt the lesson, not us! And whoever studies history knows that patterns repeat. Could it be that right now we’re seeing the rise of a globalised totalitarian regime in its infancy that has achieved a tour de force in less than a year i.e. taken hostage most of the world population on a pretence of health crisis which when examined closely is grossly and absurdly exaggerated? In 2022, I still do not know the answer. We've seen some détente in 2021 but I still have severe concerns of where we are heading.

To substantiate that, you can look at my previous articles:

  1. Coronavirus: facts & reflection
  2. PDF Document to download: A bit of critical thinking about this Coronavirus Crisis
  3. Coronavirus: Awakening to the truth
  4. And more videos on this page

Have a read through and look at the presented ‘evidences’ of this so-called coronavirus crisis world threat. It was already absurd in March/April, it did not get any better today. Worse, now we’re having large vaccination campaigns with vaccines whose development has taken shortcuts on all scientific protocols (where normally a vaccine takes years to reach the market). Does that not sound a bit rushed to you? Could it be that the vaccine was the goal all along—considering they’ve been talking about it since the early days?

What’s important to note is that the survival of the human race is not at risk. It’s a disease and not one that you are likely to die from statistically. And yes it’s real, people get it (I have 3 relatives who got it and they’re doing just fine now). But if you exercise critical thinking, read other citizen’s information (often more reliable than mainstream media in this day and age) and spend a moment going deep into the topic, you will realise for yourself that the facts do not add up. You shouldn’t ask people to make huge and long-term sacrifices for something like that.

And that is the ignominy of 2020. Most citizens bought into this ridiculous story of a disease that was going to kill million of people. But it’s simply not true! Our lockdowns may prevent a hypothetical collapse of the healthcare system, but this is all based on models and figures which can easily be biased. Also, scientists know that in the early days all data about an infectious disease is prone to huge errors. If anything, the decision to force lockdowns for extended period of time on entire populations is catastrophic and with long-term consequences; and far outweighs the so-called benefits of the lockdown itself.

I am not calling for civil unrest, but civil disobedience. Our governments have failed us. Worse, they are abusing us. And most people let them do, without any reaction. It’s very important for everyone to understand that the authorities have lost their way; they won’t stop the madness unless the masses stay ‘stop, no more stupidity’. That’s the law of free will. We have to want to be out of that. Each one of us, at an individual level, to make it happen collectively.

There are many things happening right now that most people don’t understand. I have faith they will get explained in time. But for now it’s imperative people mobilise and express their disapproval. And dispute this entire management of a crisis that paralyses the entire world, and makes the 99% of this world poorer. Yes, the tax-payers are impacted by 1/loosing access to reliable income for many of them 2/having to pay more taxes very soon to repay what the government borrows to the banks and spends on unnecessary things e.g. excessive quantities of vaccines and tests.

The looming revolt

I don’t know about you, but I am furious about these abusive requests for everyone to stay home when there’s no valid reason. I am furious at the way they release figures of new infections while it’s been proven that Covid tests are highly unreliable; yet those tests results drive the politics of entire countries! I am furious about the way we are taken hostages in our own countries, and are giving away our dignity. I simply can’t accept it; I have been disputing this situation since March. But how much longer can the collective tolerate that?

Now we’re asked (in the UK) to wear a mask at private gatherings inside our own homes! Oh Christmas is going to be jolly indeed. In case you didn’t notice, there’s been a gradual increase of restrictive measures3 supposedly for our own good. It’s escalating month after month to the point that I am asking: where does it stop? Do we need to start teaching kids to put a mask on their face first thing in the morning when they get out of bed, and take it off last thing in the evening before going to sleep?

Latest Update: London has been placed in Tier-4 (which is lockdown in disguise) just a few days before Christmas. Londoners, is that not enough to get you angry? They’ve stolen your Christmas!

We’ve witnessed an escalation of ridiculous demands and it’s time to say ‘stop’, for our own sake. In social psychology it’s well documented that once people take the bait at something, it’s much easier to make a fool out of them3. And that’s exactly what’s been happening. We’ve been manipulated. And now we need to stay: ‘stop, no more!’

But fret not, million of people—just like yourself—have started to wake up to the truth. This control Matrix in which we live already has many cracks. When enough of us will have awakened, this control system will be torn to pieces. I am even amazed it can still stand when it’s such a house of cards. I believe the minority of nefarious people in our governments, medias etc. who are pushing for the oppressive agenda are holding their last stand. The people of the world are worn out after 9 months of nonsense with unpredictable cycles of lockdown/unlockdown. We are free citizens, not puppets that will leave their house or not because the governments decide based on disputable figures. I’ve been on the streets this summer in central London and it was busy. Protests have taken place weekly since then. Yet you will have a hard time hearing about it on the mainstream media. I think the time of protests is over; it’s time for a worldwide revolt! 2021 has seen many protests especially in capitals such as London. They were mostly peaceful. They had little to no media coverage which in itself is disturbing. Will 2022 bring protests to the next level up?

And what stops us going down on the streets in the millions? (done!) The same thing that has paralysed billions of people for the past 9 months: FEAR. But in honesty, it goes much beyond that. Because fear has also paralysed most people on Earth for their entire life. And that is what coronavirus is about: seeing the bigger picture. Seeing the control system in which we live. For those who can move beyond fear, they will see the world for what it truly is. That is the promise of enlightenment described by all genuine spiritual traditions (note that I didn’t say ‘religion’); that is what the movie The Matrix truly talks about.


Neo—‘What is the Matrix?’
Morpheus—‘The Matrix is everywhere. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.’
Neo—‘What truth?’
Morpheus—‘That you are a slave. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind. […] Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.

Now think about it. Isn’t that convenient that this virus divides us and make us doubt each other so we stay isolated and won’t group to protest? We need to stop being afraid of this virus first, that’s what keeps us powerless and thus controllable. I dream of the day when we’ll go down onto the streets in the millions, without face masks to express our solidarity to each other and demand the end of this unbearable and unjustified austerity.

I believe the revolt will all start with one event that will precipitate everything. That event will likely be the release of information that comes to contradict what had been said before (about the virus, the vaccine, the entire crisis, the US elections etc.). The mainstream channels will try to discredit it, but it will be too late… because this time they won’t be able to contain it.

⚠ Those who hold the system may trigger COMMUNICATION DISRUPTIONS to limit the spread of these revelations. So don't be too surprised if large networks of communications are down for hours or even days. (OK, so that never happened, by some outages on social platforms have happened in 2021) We will likely witness a very confusing situation for some time: most people will not know who and what to believe. Then the dominoes will fall and the disclosure of many suppressed information will gradually take place. Many of us feel something’s approaching. Can you feel it? OK, so on that one I was caught up in some strong beliefs but nothing manifested. But I thought: better be warned than ignorant. It was never my intention to spread panic.


This is the last article I publish in the ‘coronavirus crisis’ section of my website. (Well, at least, it was the last one with that level of intensity 😅) The time has come for me to focus on more uplifting topics for building the new world, free of oppression, that awaits us. I wish you all to be well during these times of earthly turbulences.

Keep faith, because we will get there. The darkest hour is always just before dawn.
Remain patient, because it will take some time.
Stay calm, because it will be unsettling for everyone.

  1. In the field of psychology, Cognitive Dissonance occurs when a person holds contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values, and is typically experienced as psychological stress when they participate in an action that goes against one or more of them. [Source: Wikipedia] ↩︎

  2. As strange as it may sound, the current situation profits certain entities that feed off the negative energy generated by this worldwide crisis (mostly: fear). If this steps too much into the spiritual realm for you, just ignore this paragraph. ↩︎

  3. It’s called Creeping Normality (see Wikipedia) ↩︎

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