Protest against Covid-19 government measures in London on 29th August 2020

London, 30 August 2020—


On 29th August 2020, several protests took place across Europe: in London, Paris and Berlin—and probably many more locations! I was present in London, as I feel it’s important to mobilise against the nonsense we are living through. I offer you videos and photos below.


I want to tell people who were not there: we were tens of thousands, Trafalgar square was packed. The march that followed was peaceful, I’ve seen people singing and dancing. There was no violence. Whether you believe Covid-19 is a fake or not, the people deserve to know that this protest took place. Then why did the BBC not mention this protest at all? How can you ignore that?! Are we living in a world where the media choose what to report on or not—I thought their job was to report on what happens in the world!  

UPDATED on 8 December 2020

My original article featured another video that was a recording of a speech that David Icke gave. Unfortunately YouTube has removed that video from my account (just because it was entitled ‘David Icke speaks…'). This should make you wonder: is there a real freedom of speech on certain online platforms? 

Here are a few photos showing you—among other things—some interesting signs held by protesters.

To view on a phone or small screen, click here.


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