Coronavirus: Awakening to the truth

London, 3 July 2020—


It’s been 3 months since my first article on coronavirus and we are now in summer. In the UK, we’ve been in lockdown for all spring. Three months living in an unprecedented situation starts forming habits. A sense of normality has slowly settled in: planning ahead for shopping and queueing outside; keeping your distances from others; wearing a mask in public transports. It’s quite remarkable how quickly we can adapt to change! But are these changes worth doing them?

Beyond the earlier comments saying it would take a few months for the economy to recover, it’s now being acknowledged that it will takes several years—if not a decade. But the damages are already done. The decisions of our governments have set us on an irreversible course. With the urgency of the ‘first wave’ mostly over, we are now entering a different phase of this crisis. In the months to come, we will witness the consequences of the—poor—collective decisions made during these 3 months of lockdown, and we will have to live with them. It’s a time bomb because only in the next 6 months will people start grasping the real impact of this crisis.

I have already expressed my objections against lockdown back in April (here is a PDF with those arguments). Today I want to share information that will be very important to integrate for the future unfolding of this crisis. Because we are not done yet; not only with coronavirus, but with this instability in the world at large. There are more events to come and while I have not a crystal ball, I believe it will go crescendo. Changes will accelerate and intensify. We had been stuck in a status quo for too long and many things will come to fruition. So tighten your seat belt, take a deep breath and prepare for the next fall on the roller coaster.

There’s now a staggering amount of information demonstrating the blatant lies and mass manipulation that took place—and are still taking place in front of our eyes. But people are waking up. Alternative networks of information have developed. The easy days are gone for those who profit from keeping people in ignorance and under control. More and more people are speaking up. Doctors, scientists, politicians, writers, philosophers, public figures and even celebrities who condemn the way this crisis has been handled by the governments.

I warned you before about staying vigilant and I warn you again today. What is happening in the world today is very serious. We are not done yet. They already talk about a second wave, a mandatory vaccine or tracking apps. What’s very important to realise is that the mainstream media and governments lie to the population on a regular basis and about many things. The lies can be subtle: the facts presented are so distorted that they misrepresent the reality; only a limited perspective is offered on a topic; some key information is being withheld to sway the public opinion. Not that media and governments are all evil but they have been corrupted and infiltrated by individuals with hidden agendas, and you should not blindly trust what they say, or do as they ask. I question everything. This is not disobedience but instead living as a responsible citizen & critical thinker.

Economic transformations

The looming rise of poverty

While people were preoccupied with their survival, they did not have the mental bandwidth to think about the long term consequences of Covid-19. But soon they will start to see what it means. Here’s what I believe: at some point the collective will realise that the damages inflicted to the economy are so vast and disproportionate to the original threat—a disease—that how we reacted was irresponsible. We will hold accountable the decision makers—it already started. It may get ugly…

The destruction of jobs and livelihoods has been contained by government benefits, but these benefits will have to stop at some point because the cost cannot be supported by states any longer. Then someone furloughed may well transition as someone being made redundant. What will be the answer to that? Permanent government support to these people? So many businesses have been wiped out—or are about to be—that the fabric of our economies will be damaged in the long term. It will take years to rebuild.

The small & medium businesses are the ones that suffer the most. Having limited cashflow, they are more exposed to this crisis. But even larger firms will be impacted. What we took for granted, for example getting online and booking a cheap flight to a holiday destination, may soon become a sweet memory when competition will be low due to the limited number of service providers—the ‘survivors’. We will likely witness a concentration of large corporations running most industries, because they will be the ones solid enough to make it through the crisis—although not all will, and some significant merger & acquisition will probably occur in the corporate world.

New taxes

It would be naive to believe we will get away without consequences on our wallet. The time will soon come for the taxpayer to contribute to the repayment of all the additional money that governments borrowed to deal with coronavirus. We were already hearing regularly about the debt burden of most western nations. New taxes will have to be created to pay back the now colossal national debts. Governments are always creative on the fiscal matter, so it may come in areas where we do not anticipate and will likely be called anything but ‘tax’. Whatever the name, let’s get ready for new taxes. Historically the middle-classes have been the ones that bear the burden; we shall see how the effort is split.

The advent or remote working

There may be a major positive side to this crisis though. In firms, some things that would have seemed impossible a year ago have happened in a matter of days or weeks. That’s the power of necessity. Entire corporations shifted to a model where they operate with most of the workforce based at home. We’ve witnessed a decline in the use of public transports and air traffic. No more business trips or client meetings. Welcome to the era of ‘WFH’ (Work from Home) and the digital world of video-conferencing with tools such as Zoom, Webex and Skype.

Many large companies are now planning WFH for most staff till the end of 2020! Staff that have no necessity to be in the office on a daily basis will see the most changes. How much longer can this continue you may wonder? Well, people got used to save hours on commute every day and work from the comfort of their home. This is a huge boost on quality of life. Asking them to get back to an office 5 days a week will be unrealistic I believe. They will likely have one or several days a week of WFH going forward. Companies will move to hot-desking policies and save on the cost of renting office spaces—whose costs have become prohibitive in city centres. Both workers and companies will profit.

How will that impact the future dynamic of where people live? When millions of people will operate regularly from a remote basis, will they keep living near their employer’s office—which tend to be in large city centres? Or are we going to witness a shift towards middle-size cities for example; and a corresponding movement in property prices?

I would not underestimate the trauma left by these 3 months of confinement when some people felt that the little space they had in their flats was really suffocating. Yet if you want to live near a large city like London you will have limited space for your budget. Are cities still so attractive when you get confined and realise that your primary living space is very small? Especially when some media regularly suggest that lockdowns will become a normality for the years to come…

The confusion & the lies

The age of disinformation

If you listened to the media during the crisis, you may have felt at times on an emotional rollercoaster. Gloomy news on the number of deaths and the worsening of the situation has been broadcasted day after day. Media consistently promoted a climate of fear without giving much hope. They have a huge impact on the populations who listen to them—therefore a huge responsibility regarding the public morale. Their messages fuelled very negative emotions such as anxiety and paranoia. Many people even experienced psychological distress. It’s been very heavy on the emotional level.

Several media have been caught trying to dramatise the situation in clinics, sometimes even with manipulative pictures and videos. In general, many media outlets do not question even doubtful official statements and figures. [Source]

But on the intellectual level it has been challenging too. A lot of contradicting information was being reported. It became very difficult to know what was true or not. It created an impression of chaos and total uncertainty on what we were really facing. In moments of heavy stress, most people can’t process contradicting information. It creates lots of mental imbalance, which feeds in turn the emotional imbalance. It becomes very difficult to form an opinion; it gives us headaches. In the end, we are so confused that we may well give up on understanding at all what is going on!

And that was precisely the effect desired. Yes, that way of communication has been meticulously engineered to confuse us. Tragically, these same methods have been reported by people who lived through totalitarian and authoritarian regimes. But we’ve witnessed that in our ‘free’ Western world.

The scavengers

The crisis has revealed the worst in some of us. As supply of certain food and goods lowered, the profiteers have multiplied. You would go to your local shop and see shocking prices. Even on Amazon, some goods reached ridiculous prices. Meanwhile elsewhere, technically capable people leveraged the collective despair, chaos and panic to set up online scams. Around me I’ve seen several people falling for phishing attempts; corporations were also under a higher volume of cyber-attacks than usual.

Many people tried to make a profit at the expense of others. They fed like scavengers on the collective suffering. This crisis reveals their low level of morality and shows us how much negativity is left in our world.

Medical insanity

Lack of coordinated response

Sometime a crisis is the occasion to test the reality of collaboration. For example, the EU has failed its role and we’ve witnessed large variations in measures from country to country. We’ve seen bilateral travel bans between two countries caused by diplomatic retaliations after one country started enforcing a ban towards the other (e.g., between France and the UK).

But what is worse is the lack of international coordination on medical research. I read reports from doctors in such and such country that would only contradict what another country’s prominent specialist had said earlier. Why was there not an international task-force set up with subject-matter experts from all countries? Why do we not all come together to face such a large challenge? You see that sometimes in Hollywood catastrophe movies and that seems like the obvious thing to do. Yet in the real world it seems like it’s each country for its own sake…

Is there any reason why we’ve seen such a chaotic situation? Proponents of a New World Order1or One Government are now invoking this healthcare crisis to move towards a centralised form of governance of all nations. Is that really a coincidence?

Testing for Covid-19

One key element in this crisis has been the number of Covid-19 cases that were reported. And this is related to testing. But what do we test exactly? How accurate is the testing protocol? It seems that most of the tests are done using a technique called polymerise chain reaction (PCR) which is prone to errors. In fact, some sources say it’s so unreliable (e.g., high number of false positives) that we should not use it for Covid-19. Yet those tests and their results have been the driving force for governments to impose lockdowns on entire populations.

The virus test kits used internationally are prone to errors. Several studies have shown that even normal corona viruses can give a false positive result. Moreover, the virus test currently in use has not been clinically validated due to time pressure. [Source]

If you want to have a laugh with me—let’s not forget to keep a sense of humour in these dark times—I’ll mention the story of the president of Tanzania who did not trust the test kits for Covid-19 and had the idea of sending unusual samples to a laboratory. What he did not tell them is that some samples were not taken from humans. Now listen to this: “samples taken from a goat and a pawpaw fruit came back with positive results.” (Source) Do we really need more proof that the testing is unreliable? So the bitter truth is that the number of reported Covid-19 deaths has been grossly exaggerated first and foremost because of the way we run tests. But there’s more.

Maximising the number of reported Covid-19 deaths

We don’t know how many people are dying OF coronavirus, as opposed to dying WITH coronavirus. This subtle difference in wording has a tremendous impact on the way we account for the severity of coronavirus. That gave the illusion that a lot more people were dying OF coronavirus than the reality. They just happened to have tested positive, but that does not necessarily mean Covid-19 killed them. That is deception! The numbers we were given likely included a lot of deaths which would have normally occurred during the course of the pandemic anyway: people with seasonal flu, the cardiovascular conditions, etc.

Worse, it was reported in several countries that doctors were put under pressure to write down ‘Covid-19’ as cause of death on death certificates. This includes people who died but already had known severe conditions prior to the pandemic. The death certificates are then used as evidence for compiling national statistics. And you know the rest of the story…

Wrong diagnosis and wrong treatments

Many things have been told about the nature of the virus. I found several alternative sources coming from medical professionals who criticised the official guidelines of the WHO. One important thing to know is that the World Health Organisation has forbidden autopsies on the dead of the coronavirus. They ordered to incinerate or bury bodies without examination. When a disease is new and you want to progress on its understanding, why would you do that?

  • It turns out Covid-19 would not be a pneumonia as announced in the early days. Instead it would be a thrombosis i.e. an infection that causes blood clotting and leads to death by asphyxia: blood does not flow oxygen to the heart and lungs; the person is progressively unable to breath.
  • The proper cure for Covid-19 then becomes antibiotics2, anti-inflammatory drugs and blood thinners. That means simple aspirin can help. But the official diagnosis says that those same drugs should be absolutely avoided because they would make patients’ health worse. How is possible to have two totally opposite views on medical treatments for the same disease?
  • The use of ventilators in ICU3 was therefore making things worse for patients. Yes, you read correctly: instead of saving them, it made them die faster. How could we be so wrong and do the opposite of what could have saved people?

Only a deliberate attempt to deceive can lead to confusion on such a large scale… The WHO has played an instrumental role in this scandal. Why do you think several countries such as the US have declared they’re cutting cords with them?

Also, instead of telling us about these death statistics every single day for months, could the media not have debated about the proper treatment for coronavirus? Especially if it was close to hand with over-the-counter drugs. The day these facts are globally revealed and validated, we will likely call it crime against humanity.

The full-lockdown nonsense

In a previous article from late March I warned that total confinement for Covid-19 was a ‘one-way ticket’ strategy. That fundamental problem was already foreseeable; yet many countries went for that solution after decision-makers heard horror stories about the millions of deaths to come.

Countries without lockdowns and contact bans, such as Japan, South Korea and Sweden, have not experienced a more negative course of events than other countries. This might call into question the effectiveness of such far-reaching measures.

Numerous internationally renowned experts from the fields of virology, immunology and epidemiology consider the measures taken to be counterproductive and recommend a rapid natural immunisation of the general population while protecting risk groups.


After nearly 3 months of lockdown in many European countries, the populations are exhausted. The public opinion is not willing to accept that anymore. Yet lockdowns are not over yet. They may become localised to cities only for example, because governments cannot keep entire countries blocked anymore. But they’ll try as much as they can. This will act as a reminder for the general population; the state of fear is maintained.

As I write this article the city of Leicester in the UK is under a local lockdown. What city will be next?

Confinement should have been limited to fragile populations only (typically: the elderly and those with chronic conditions). But we asked everyone to stay home. The consequences are visible now: look around you at your friends and family. OK, having a neglected haircut is harmless even funny, but the average person has put on weight. That’s because they’ve done less physical exercise and/or over-indulged in eating—maybe to forget their increasing levels of fear? And what to say about the closure of parks and recreational areas in some countries… People spent less time in nature and stayed confined most of the day. All of that is totally going against the idea of keeping people safe from a virus! Globally these conditions weakened their immune system whereas we should be trying to boost immunity to fight an infection. And I’m not even touching on the degradation of mental health. What we were asked to do defies common sense.

The threat of a second wave & vaccine touted as the only ‘salvation’

So what have we done exactly? We’ve damaged our economies, we had thousands of people dying while millions were staying at home in a climate of fear—and becoming more vulnerable to infections. Yet now we are told we’ve not sorted the problem at all—merely deferred it. Because there could be this so-called second wave that strikes us and requires restrictions once again…

Claiming we are in a dead-end is a very convenient strategy when you want to force a particular solution. In our case, you will read and hear a lot that ‘the only way out of this crisis is a vaccine’. Whatever their arguments, you should NOT accept any form of vaccine. It’s extremely important that people know vaccines are harmful. They contain dangerous chemicals like aluminum which are toxic for the body. These chemicals have been added on purpose to make people sick. It’s all part of a global program of depopulation that has been running for decades. Recently in the US people asked proofs of vaccines being tested and safe for the public. It turned out that for the last 30 years they could not produce any evidence.

This topic of vaccination deserves an article of its own. This goes beyond Covid-19.

Microscopic chips will also likely be injected with the vaccine—whether disclosed or not. Because there is an intention to get everyone vaccinated, they will want to know who received the injection and track people. And vaccine or not, there will also be an attempt to generalise ‘track & trace’ apps that provide geotracking of your whereabouts. The roll-out of these apps has already started and for now you are told to enrol voluntarily for the public good, save lives, etc. But tomorrow that could become mandatory otherwise you would not be allowed to board a plane, etc. It’s a dreadful tentative to control people at a large scale and they will appeal to your good nature to get it through because they can’t possibly enforce it on everyone. So protect your privacy and stay out of it!

⚠ Covid-19 vaccination is the topic that needs the most attention from the general public in the coming months.

5G should not be disregarded as aggravating factor

There are troubling coincidences between the recent roll-out of 5G technology in many countries and these countries experiencing a high number of Covid-19 cases. While I am NOT saying that 5G causes coronavirus, it stands to reason that there is more to understand about their relationship than is currently being admitted. And I heard so many communications dismissing entirely the idea that it got me even more suspicious. Because it is already an established fact that radio-frequencies are harmful.

This topic of radio-frequencies in general—and 5G in particular—and their impact on human health also deserves an article of its own.

The dangerous paralysis of healthcare

Another time bomb is linked to the people who did not receive necessary healthcare during the lockdown period. While surgeries and hospitals were focusing mostly on Covid-19 patients and other patients were advised to stay home—or did it by fear of catching coronavirus—there were people who needed medical attention that were not being seen. Now the NHS has a large backlog; for cancer alone for example it’s more than 2 million people.

Awakening to the truth

A divide-and-conquer strategy

The coronavirus crisis has divided and isolated us. Not only in the physical sense, but also by our reactions and opinions about it. Friendships have been broken, family had arguments. We cannot stand still in the face of these events. No more need for Brexit or politics as a controversial topic: now we have coronavirus!

An attempt to reduce world population

Behind this coronavirus crisis seems to be one key objective: trigger a major decline in world population. I know, it’s listed as one of the top conspiracy theories… But when you start following the trail of clues you will feel unsettled. It is said this plan has been in the making for decades. We just happen to witness today one of its major milestones. So the virus may just be the beginning… The destruction of wealth it caused will have a ripple effect on populations.

I am here to raise awareness: I’ll let you do your own research online. There are people out there who published well-documented articles and videos. I just want to put the topic on your radar. If you’re sceptical, at least give yourself permission to consider there is more to this than just a fantasy.

The dismissive argument ‘it’s a conspiracy theory’

You’ve probably heard about ‘conspiracy theories’ before. Today the term is mostly derogatory and used conveniently to discredit—if not insult—people who dare to think differently from the official version. It’s used as a sort of final argument that does not call for any real reflexion on a topic. When someone says ‘oh that’s just a conspiracy theory’ they are not allowing themselves to contemplate another point of view and stay stuck in self-righteousness. Not to say that any so-called conspiracy theory is true; but what is considered a conspiracy theory today may well become common knowledge in a year or a decade. Only time will tell. So I think it’s healthy to always keep an open mind.

The coronavirus crisis as wake-up call

Many people feel deep inside that there is much more to this planetary crisis than what we are being told. Mainstream media have failed us: most of them are controlled by a handful of owners and biased; the research & analysis we could expect from journalists is often limited and we end up with a recital of what they receive from news agencies. People have turned to alternative sources like social media to find information they can trust. Many ordinary citizens have started speaking out about the nonsense that is going on. Lots of videos and websites have emerged on the internet. But even there, we find ourselves in the middle of a disinformation war.

Thousands are waking up to the lies we are being fed. Soon they’ll realise they barely scratch the surface because there were many lies before. But given the proportions these lies have reached, many are now saying ‘Stop! We don’t want that any longer.’

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden warned that the corona crisis is used for the massive and permanent expansion of global surveillance. The renowned virologist Pablo Goldschmidt spoke of a “global media terror” and “totalitarian measures”. Leading British virologist Professor John Oxford spoke of a “media epidemic”. [Source]

The manipulation of people’s opinion is real and it is global. It often goes unnoticed. It is where you may not expect it.


To me the Black Lives Matter enthusiasm in the US seems like a very conspicuous diversion trick. How come a tragic yet local event in the US has inflamed the entire world so quickly? Here in Europe, statues of ‘racist’ historical figures were desecrated, names of streets are to be changed. That will not help us. At a time when we should be united, this is yet another way to divide us!

People are being emotionally manipulated here. The lockdown and the coronavirus crisis have created so much tension but people were not allowed to express it. Now all that anger and frustration have been diverted and redirected towards the fight against racism and discrimination. But is that really the fight people should focus on?

This is used to occupy the media space and public attention. It’s a decoy. Not that our world is 100% free from racism; but the situation is not as bad as some people are trying to portray it. Looking at past problems is the best way to keep them alive. This video where black men disagree that we live in a racist world is particularly insightful. You need to know that some people are paid to march in protests. Some events are not naturally and spontaneously unfolding as they would like us to believe; some things are carefully arranged. The old tricks still seem to work—for now at least. It will take a great dose of self-awareness and courage to step out of the conditioned behaviours we have been programmed to follow. A few light the spark and watch the fire burning. How much longer can we take the bait?

Trusting our individual & collective power

For too long now, people have realised there is something wrong with the way this world works, but their line was ‘But what can I do at my own insignificant level?’. I’d like to tell them: ‘You can make all the difference!’. When one stands for what they believe and use their power to say ‘no’, that is the beginning of a collective change. Because they will inspire others to follow them and it will snowball. Because if we all stay paralysed by fear, we will keep this intolerable status quo. But when a few start awakening and acting differently, it becomes positively contagious. So the way each of us is reacting does matter a lot!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” —Edmund Burke, Irish Statesman & Philosopher (1729 – 1797)

So I keep hope. Often things get worse before they can get better. Something good will come out of this entire situation. We need to trust ourselves—the collective of the people of Earth—and trust the process of transformation occurring in front of our eyes. There’s so much energy and intensity right now in this world that I feel we have reached the tipping point for change at a large scale. We already crossed the point of no-return without realising it. Things will never be the same again.

The coming confrontations?

Are we heading towards a violent repression of the masses? Are we witnessing an attempt to force on them unprecedented measures to restrict their freedom? Are our governments preparing for the scenario of protests and riots? During the lockdown, some governments reportedly placed large orders for surveillance drones (e.g., the French government). Can we really believe this is a coincidence?

Closing notes

The coronavirus crisis has already triggered unprecedented changes in our societies. The destruction of wealth and the weakening of public health generated by the management of this crisis—much more so than by the virus itself—are staggering and will have long-term consequences. But there is much more to come; we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.

What’s happening today in the world is so wrong and in so many ways… This attempt to manipulate and control people at a global scale under the cover of this virus is despicable. The dark agenda of reduction of the world population is criminal. But the day of reckoning will come sooner or later.

If indeed this situation has been engineered, if indeed there are instigators lurking in the shadow, then they cannot predict the outcome of all of this. Their plans for domination will backfire if enough people wake up from the slumber of complacency and mobilise. Collective change is possible and starts within each one of us. This virus situation can also be a fantastic opportunity for positive changes in the world. A time for a big clean up; a time for letting go of so many unnecessary things. And instead, focus on what truly matters such as: having a good quality of life with work-life balance; transitioning to a fairer and more equal society; taking care of the environment & reducing pollution; etc. The future is not written. The coming months are going to be decisive to see what shape our future will take. It’s a very exciting time to be alive.

There’s no turning back now. The ruling elites of this world have opened their own Pandora’s box. The coronavirus crisis will precipitate their downfall because they devised a system that does not work for the public good. This crisis is an accelerator so that people everywhere can awaken to the truth of the atrocities that exist in our world today. We’re now on the fast track to reveal the truth about so many lies and deceptions—many of them which have been going on for decades if not centuries. The time of disclosures is approaching. Our world will change very much in this 2020s decade that just started!


PDF Coronavirus: A bit of critical thinking about this Coronavirus Crisis

Lockdown Sceptics. Their motto is “Stay sceptical. End the lockdown. Save lives.” This is a very rich portal put together by people who question the management of the Covid crisis.

Swiss Policy Research: a great page of compiled information

Black Celebrities Share Their Views On Race In America

  1. If you’ve never heard about the concept of New World Order, see this Wikipedia article ↩︎

  2. Which incidentally means the coronavirus would be a bacteria and not a virus! ↩︎

  3. Intensive care unit ↩︎


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