VIDEO on Coronavirus (part 1 of 2): A bit of critical thinking about this Coronavirus Crisis

London, 15 April 2020—

UPDATED on 6 May 2020 There is a transcript available here for download: chart1

  • TIP: switch to full screen to see the subtitles.
  • NOTE: typo in one subtitle at 6min30s, it should read “600,000” instead of “600,00”.

In this 22min video I’m going over 2 key points:

  1. The facts about the disease: numbers of deaths for COVID-19 in particular, and other causes in general
  2. Why communication based on FEAR is always wrong… but that’s what we’re being force fed every day

There is a second part to this video available here. I suggest you watch part 1 first (this page), process the information then watch part 2 when you are ready. Part 2 touches on the confinement and the absolute need for people to wake up to what is happening.

The charts/tables may look a bit small on the video so here they are below:






Article “Coronavirus: facts & reflection”

UK COVID-19 death numbers

Deaths in the world

Intensive care beds capacity in the UK

Small gradual changes leading to large consequences


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