Closing 2021 & the 2nd anniversary of Covid emergence

Published on 31 December 2021 —


The million dollar question: “How far away are we from the glass being full?”

Here is the time when we close the year and say goodbye to 2021. I like to think about the highlights of the year, about the things that went well and those that went wrong. Life is not about having it all easy. Without challenges we stagnate, whereas we are supposed to evolve constantly and grow our being (the ultimate purpose of consciousness). In fact, stagnating is likely an illusion in a universe where nothing seems to stand still: it may well be in fact that we regress. Either going up or down, that is the only choice we really have. Evolution Vs Regression.

As I recall 2020 coming to an end too, I had great hopes for 2021. I think many of us had. I am talking about the global events and the fall into authoritarian regimes we have witnessed in the world—under the pretence of the “Covid crisis”. One year later, we have to come to term with this: nothing substantial seems to have happened in the largest nations. At least, nothing that was openly relayed by mainstream media. No regimes were overthrown by their people, no country has officially admitted the nonsensical race for vaccines (already in its 3rd dose for many) and the dead-end trajectory we’ve created out of fear. Instead, it seems that many nations have gone deeper into madness and justified the once upon a time unacceptable. So this is it: we leave in the age of FEAR. Our collective energy is paralysed and we have fallen into insanity. And in a world where insanity is normalised, the sane feels like an outcast and is called a ‘fool’. I see in that both irony and tragedy.

In the Time for the RED PILL article last year, I highlighted how binary the choice we are facing is: awaken or stay asleep. It seems like the masses have happily taken the blue pill of ignorance. They say ignorance is a bliss… but I see rather denial and delusion of facing the greater truth. The bliss is an illusion: you feel like you’re OK, but deep inside you, your soul knows you’re not. Avoidance can only be a temporary phase. For this cannot go on forever. However it can continue for long. Years… Several years… To the point where the entire decade may well be absorbed into our collective awakening and fight for reforming the world.

If that’s the way it must be, then so be it. For some around me, this grand game of patience has become unbearable. They can’t wait for big truth to be released and the world to be set ablaze with the energy of change. But that is a subjective vision. For many, the old world still exists. It is only an evolution of human consciousness that can liberate us. More and more people are awakening and seeing the truth from the lies. One day, the latest nonsensical government measure is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back for them. They will start their quest for truthful answers. Considering the size of our population, this process is happening every day for some people. We only need to reach a critical mass and then the smoke screen that hides the truth will dissipate for the entire collective. The unknown is: when? How many people will it take to see the fraud and awaken everyone else?

We all evolve at our own rate and that’s okay. Some people had smelt a rat since Covid was announced in China in late 2019 (that’s two years ago!). Others just realised last week that something was awfully wrong (maybe because they didn’t expect to live another Christmas in Covid mode). But the fact of being an early aware person does not make your life easy. For some, there’s the agony of seeing this world going downhill with mostly indifference from the collective and feeling really alienated. For others, there’s the temporary bliss of ignorance till the time they will have to face the truth… But human minds cannot process big truth in a day. Those who have been aware for years or decades will have a role to play to guide the early awakened ones. And that will be an interesting phase when the blatant lies will be exposed globally—which is only a matter of time now. For all of us though, the rollercoaster of emotions and ordeals in our lives are testing our resolve and endurance in this early decade of transition.

So I see light at the end of the tunnel. But I am not sure how far the end is. I remain skeptical about everything I hear. It does not take a gossip on the web to make something real. Once people have realised they’ve been lied to by the powers-that-be, they risk falling into the belief trap that everything they had been told was a lie. That is a dangerous road to travel on. We evolve in a consensual reality and there are things we must agree on in order to function. Without that, we become dangerously ungrounded. The fertile ground of skepticism has accelerated the diffusion of ridiculous theories that are only confusing even more the freshly awakened people. A dangerous time to awaken indeed. But waiting till the last minute to do something really necessary is never the easiest journey anyway. You cannot buy your time back. The ones who’ve known for a decade that a lot going on in this world was not the way it is portrayed by media are so far ahead of the newbie that it’s unfathomable. The mind processes information and integrate knowledge over long periods of time. But when we get there, out of necessity, humanity will rejoin together to support each other and that will be beautiful.

I wish 2022 to be a prosperous year with more people expanding their mind into the greater truth out there. I wish the changes to be significant enough to benefit the collective, without being too brutal and hurting too many of us. I wish the old souls to come to term with their role to play and show patience and grounding in this interim period—for one day soon they’ll be key to support others.

Happy New Year everyone!


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