Coronavirus Crisis & Global Awakening

How can we ignore the elephant in the room?

In March 2020, the coronavirus crisis has reached a global dimension and started to impact most western countries. The following articles deal with the coronavirus crisis and its development leading to a global and collective awakening of people everywhere on the planet.

As early as April 2020, my instinct told me that something was terribly wrong about this looming ‘pandemic’ and that more investigation was required because of the contradictions I perceived in the official narratives. That led to the publication of two videos and their PDF transcript which you can consult here: PDF A bit of critical thinking about this Coronavirus Crisis. That document was an early warning to the general public in an effort to raise awareness and encourage people to think for themselves, instead of consuming passively the mainstream media’s news given to them. Only time will reveal the true nature of this crisis.

Closing 2021 & the 2nd anniversary of Covid emergence

Kent, 31 December 2021 — Let's close the 2021 chapter and look ahead!

The coming changes & disclosures of the 2020s

London, 26 January 2021 — We are entering a phase of global turbulences and about to witness some changes at a deep level in our societies. Revelations will take place and new information will be released that will facilitate the design of a better system.

Summer 2021 checkpoint on Covid-19 and the world situation

London, 12 August 2021 — Review of some good 2021 content to raise awareness about the world events.

Time for the RED PILL

London, 22 December 2020 — The world is about to shift into a new paradigm. The Covid crisis has just been a springboard to what is about to become a worldwide revolt. So buckle up for the ride to come!

Protest against Covid-19 government measures in London on 29th August 2020

London, 30 August 2020 — Photos and videos of the protest in case you want to see how it really was on the ground.

VIDEO: July 2020 Covid Update

London, 17 July 2020 — Watch my July update on the Covid-19 situation.

Coronavirus: Awakening to the truth

London, 3 July 2020 — I bring you more insights on the current coronavirus situation as of July 2020.

Coronavirus crisis: what it means for you

London, 17 April 2020 — What good could possibly come out of this pandemic? Well, there may be an opportunity for growth if you look for it. Discover how to deal with CHANGE and focus your attention on its positive aspects. You can transform your life during this confinement!

VIDEO on Coronavirus (part 2 of 2): We need to wake up collectively... NOW!

London, 16 April 2020 — After watching part 1, come here for the closure of the discussion covering the confinement and the urgent need to wake up to step out of the dead end in which we trapped ourselves.

VIDEO on Coronavirus (part 1 of 2): A bit of critical thinking about this Coronavirus Crisis

London, 15 April 2020 — This video will cover data analytics about the death toll and provide an interpretation of the communications around the crisis.

Coronavirus: facts & reflection

London, 31 March 2020 — Do you know how many people die from the seasonal flu each year? Or how many people die at all? Let's get back to basics to better understand the coronavirus crisis and put things properly into context.

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