About me & this website

About me & this website

Hello, I am Matthieu P.J.

I have been on a spiritual journey for a number of years now. I devoured books, attended workshops of multiple nature, followed regularly a spiritual class, participated in retreats, watched many movies & videos, and met some enlightened and amazing people on the way. But all of that has just been a trigger to remind me of who I really am. Some information shook me to my core along the years. Some information activated me.

What I wish for you is that on your quest for answers you will find some information that will also echo deeply within you, and put you on a new path. Such information could come from anywhere in the world, but I hope also from this very website…


As you read those lines, know that everywhere in the world, there is a spiritual awakening taking place. It’s not new, it has been building up over the last decades. But what really matters is that now you’ve noticed, and you started looking for answers. In your quest for knowledge you finally came to this website. Or was it by mere chance? Regardless, I am very pleased of your visit.

Searching the internet is now overwhelming. There’s too much information. The challenge has become to find and spend time reading high quality materials. I hope you will find matthieupj.com is that kind of place. It is free to consult; there is no advertisement.

This website is about sharing information to help you awaken to your true self, in these times of great doubt and turmoil in the world. Because you’re seeking, you will find. Because you’re curious, you will explore unexpected avenues, find some answers, and come back with even more questions. Because you’re determined, you will carry on, assimilate and distill information until you have reached its core essence and can take away something of value for your individual being.

It will be challenging at times, but if you persevere it will be very much rewarding. For you will soon realise how vast the body of knowledge you seek really is. And how little you’ve been actually told since you were born. And as you explore your innate spiritual nature, as you make the choice—finally—to look closer, some magic will happen. You will gradually feel and ponder about life in a way you could have never imagined before. Because there’s so much out there. Life is INFINITY. We are INFINITY. Each of us is just a particular fragment of that INFINITY.

So welcome to a world of unlimited possibilities. Welcome to a land where you are taking ownership of your personal destiny and reclaim your own power. Are you ready? The world is yours to explore. So get started!