Spirituality for the modern world

What does it mean to be spiritual? It’s knowing there’s a lot more than meets the eye in life. There’s a whole dimension of existence that is hidden in plain sight.

You shouldn’t have to choose between living a modern life and embracing your spiritual nature. You can do both. And more and more of us do. The key is learning and applying what resonates with us to our own life. So it starts with knowledge.

This website contains in-formation that can pave the way towards personal trans-formation. But only you can walk the path. We’re witnessing a great time of change in this early 21st century. Open your eyes and take part in this great cosmic farce, because you have your part to play in the emergence of the new world.

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I give workshops and talks either in-person or remotely.

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The words you read can change your life.

I have written many articles about Personal Development, Spirituality, Wellbeing and Spirituel Travel. My writing is fuelled by a deep desire to share relevant information for today’s changing world.

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    The voice carries an energy of its own. The power of a message lies as much in the vocal vibration as in the choice of particular words. When undivided attention is placed on the words spoken, some deep sharing of information can occur.

    I believe podcast is a fantastic medium that allows to create a direct connection between the speaker and his audience, removing the distraction of a visual which—although appealing—can dilute the power of the spoken words.

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      Receive Energy Healing

      It’s important to understand that healing is an ability every human being has, yet only a few choose to consciously develop it. Equally, anyone can receive healing but they need to believe it works, and request it with their free will.

      The reason why energy healing works is because there is much beyond today’s mainstream scientific views of what reality is made of.

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        What are people saying about me?

        Here are a few testimonials of people I’ve interacted with. You can find more on Trustpilot.

        Healing and informative introduction to sound and smell

        Had a few days in Glastonbury so signed up for Matthieu’s workshop on sound / vibration & essential oils. The session was really brilliant. Matthieu managed a perfect balance of learning & theory with direct (and healing experience). Matthieu has very calming and healing energy and the session was very well-organized yet also playful. I left feeling deeply relaxed but also energized. I learned a lot and will definitely use both oils and sound in my daily life. Highly recommend Matthieu’s sessions. Great stuff


        Attended a workshop in August 2023

        Exceptional healer

        Matthieu is an exceptional and gifted healer. He has a very calming aura about him that immediately puts you at ease. I had a very profound experience during my healing session. It felt like time stood still and I could feel tingling waves of energy and love fill every vital cell in my body. I was suffering from a severe duodenal ulcer a few weeks prior to this healing which left me feeling severely fatigued with brain fog. After my healing with Matthieu, I felt something shift in me, like the curtains were open to allow pure bright healing light into my body. The healing completely lifted my energy levels and I had an immediate sense of well being and mood lift. This feeling of clarity and calm has continued since my healing, which I’m truly grateful to Matthieu! I look forward to my next healing session and Matthieu comes highly recommended by me!


        Received healing in March 2023

        Matthieu’s workshop was well planned, interesting and I enjoyed the interactive aspects.
        Simon Ganz

        Simon Ganz

        Attended a workshop in April 2023